Friday, 24 August 2012


My blogging virginity is finally about to be taken.. So I'm about to start Uni because by some miracle, I managed to pass my A-Levels. Whilst the secret of this sucess remains a mystery to all those around me, including myself, I decided I needed somewhere to 'express myself' if you will. Whilst i'm aware I could quite easily pick up a pen and paper and scribble down my thoughts I feel ridiculously silly talking to myself. Despite the fact I do that pretty much all the time anyway, at least this way I can perhaps convince myself I'm not totally crazy. I'm moving a few hours away to study at Lincoln University and although i'm excited about the future I'm also pretty scared! I'm leaving behind a wonderful boyfriend, a loving family and a job i love (yes Sainsbury's i'm talking about you) and not forgetting my two very beautiful bestfriends. It's the first time I'll have left home and lived without my parents, and whilst I am immensley looking forward to this, I'm secretly terrified. My mum's gone a litle overboard on the 'essentials' shopping - i now have a stash of 20 toilet rolls. I'll be coming home at least every other weekend because since I was far too young to remember I've been obsessed with football and my home team, Notts County. I might be prepared to give up Nottingham, however I'm not prepared to give up my beloved boys. To sum it up, I like talking, and moving away from Nottingham means I might not have any friends to talk too! So there you have it, I'm starting a blog because I have no friends, enjoy!